Strategic Change

Transitions Coaching Solutions specialises in human potential and creating positive change. Transition is the most powerful step in the change process when choices are made and actions are taken. It is a time to create, energise and look for new opportunities and re-evaluate what is possible.

In this fast paced, time poor world there is a tendency to be reactive rather than proactive. Innovation requires clarity, creativity and an open mindset.
A partner in the transition process, allows you to clarify your most important priorities, design strategies to achieve significant outcomes and a process to keep you on track and evaluate the next step.
In a supportive, confidential space you have the time to explore your options and optimise the resources available.
Transitions Coaching provides you with the framework to deal with real time issues, create solutions and prioritise your choice of action. Each coaching partnership is tailored to your needs and goals.

Coaching for Strategic Change

Individual Solutions : What do you need to create your best year yet?


How can I help?

People and organisations partner with me to:

  • Clarify ideas, situations, strategies
  • Identify purpose
  • Explore opportunities
  • Create effective communication
  • Expand  potential
  • Build capacity
  • Increase engagement
  • Strengthen resilience
  • Expand performance
  • Improve work/life balance

“I have benefited from the coaching in ways that I had not anticipated and this has been the real bonus. I am referring to assisting me with goal clarity, big picture perspective, understanding of behaviors and more. I have appreciated the supportive yet challenging nature of our coaching relationship. Melinda’s adaptability, respect, reflective listening and empathy have been greatly appreciated.”

A.M. – Principal