Top Team Coaching

Developing the people who generate your business is essential for any organisation. A high performing team doesn’t just happen, it requires synergy between all the component parts, people and functions. Teams that are focused and connected are more productive, happier and successful. A high performance culture is one in which employees are truly involved in the business and feel part of its success.

The focus of team coaching is to support them:

  • Establish mutual trust and understanding
  • Build capacity and accountability
  • Raise self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Develop high-performing teams
  • Clarify goals and strategy
  • Expand awareness of individual and team strengths
  • Develop shared communication
  • Create high levels of engagement
  • Strengthen innovative thinking and action
  • Increase collaboration
  • Prioritise demands and actions
  • Expand emotional intelligence

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“I’ve worked in teams a lot, but with this experience I really feel we have not just worked “as a team” to complete the allotted tasks, but we have worked on “becoming a team”.
J.H.  – Team Leader

“It has been a very positive learning experience. I appreciated the way we were all included and encouraged to be actively contributing members of the group. Melinda’s strength lies in clear communication and an ability to get below the surface response. She assisted us as a group to really gain clarity about our purpose, our direction as a group and about the areas we need to work on.”
J.H. – Leadership Project