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Hi, I am Melinda

I have played many roles in my life- mother, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mentor, manager, trainer, researcher, lecturer, company director and more. All these roles have had one thing in common, the importance of relationships and eliciting the best in others. As a teacher, I wanted my students to be curious, to be excited by learning, to discover their own unique gifts. As a parent, I wanted my children to shine, to be resilient and to believe in themselves. Throughout my career, relationships with people have been central. I believe that good relationships are the key that connects people to their work, to their passion and to understanding themselves and others.

Like most important things in life , it took me a while to discover that first I needed to bring out the best in myself. This has involved a continuous process of learning, experiencing and pushing beyond my comfort zone. Along the way I have made many mistakes and encountered adversity. However, all of these experiences provided me with opportunities to grow, to discover and to find better ways of doing and being. They also taught me compassion, persistence, and courage. I learnt to value my strengths and value the strengths in others.

I have two children Lucinda and James. Children are often a great motivator for us to be our very best. Whatever I wished for them, I had to be it first. I wanted for them to be kind, resilient, and know what and who they value in life.

Challenge, inspiration and perseverance are the keys that unlock the door to potential. It is not always easy, but it certainly is satisfying. We admire athletes, inspirational individuals and success stories. None of them arrived here by taking the easy option. All accepted the challenges that came their way and worked hard to realize their potential. Everyone that I know wants to make a difference in some way. We can not do it alone, we need a team of people to support, encourage and believe in us.

Life is unpredictable, change is inevitable and it is how we respond to those changes that make the difference to our lives.

I look forward to talking with you to discuss what you would like from coaching.

“Coaching is a framework that builds a strong foundation for sustainable change. It’s a partnership combining a unique blend of both the client’s and the coach’s skills and experience.”

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As a Professional Coach I work within the International Coach Federation code of ethics by engaging in professional conduct at all times, respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your information.

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Melinda Spry                                                 Director
Transitions Coaching Solutions

B.Ed, Grad.Dip Training & Organisational Change
ACC Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified mBIT coach
Accredited MBTI & TMS profile

“Melinda has exceptional listening skills, and was able to get to the heart of the matter effectively. The coaching offered me new perspectives and time out to really reflect. It also provided a safe and supported environment and constructive tools for growth.
I think when you seek a coach what you are really wanting is a strong advocate for who you are and where you’re aiming.
I believe the sessions were very valuable and would recommend Melinda to anyone who wants an honest, strong coaching experience that has lasting impact.”
M.L.N. – Economic Development Hume City Council