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Is anyone out there really listening?

We all know it is important to listen. Then why is it that so many people feel unheard? We live in a society that is constantly connected to technology. There is an expectation that we will be instantly connected via email, mobile phone, texting and other social media. People expect others to be instantly available. […]

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Lola’s lessons on Leadership

At the risk of sounding flippant, I am about to share some of the leadership lessons I have learnt from my dog. Life lessons can often come in the most surprising packages. In my case it was an 8 week old Cairn Terrier puppy. Seven months ago my children decided that my life was not […]

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Is your mind-set tripping you up?

Sometimes changes are difficult to maintain. I have a continuing struggle with paperwork (yes that’s right I am not perfect). Although I know that my life is much better when I am organised and everything is up to date. My mindset chains me to old behaviours, patterns and thoughts. I become stuck. When I was […]

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