What Clients say


Melinda has exceptional listening skills, and was able to get to the heart of the matter effectively. The coaching offered me new perspectives and time out to really reflect.

It also provided a safe and supported environment and constructive buy cialis 5mg tools for growth. I think when you seek a coach what you are really wanting is a strong advocate for who you are and where you’re aiming.

I believe the sessions were very valuable and would recommend Melinda to anyone who wants an honest, strong coaching experience that has lasting impact.

MLN – Coordinator Economic Development Hume City Council

I have valued immensely my coaching relationship. I have felt respected, listened to and supported. My coach’s greatest strength has been as a ‘role model’. I have found myself reflecting and replaying her style in my behaviors in my daily interactions and work approaches. My coaching experience consolidated for me a ‘toolbox’ of strategies and skills that have assisted me to become more deliberate in my actions and reactions.

H.F. – Assistant Regional Director, School Improvement

I have benefited from the coaching in ways that I had not anticipated and this has been the real bonus. I am referring to assisting me with goal clarity, big picture perspective, understanding of behaviors and more. I have appreciated the supportive yet challenging nature of our coaching relationship. Melinda’s adaptability, respect, reflective listening and empathy have been greatly appreciated.

A.M. –  Secondary School Principal

Your coaching has assisted me to look at new approaches to reflect on the way I deal with people and to try new approaches that empower others. I now have a greater awareness of my responses and the effect on others. You have amazing skills and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you.

C.E. – Secondary School Principal

Each of the sessions challenged me and each time I left feeling I had a new perspective. Using a coach has assisted me in coming to realisations/conclusions that would have taken me years for me to get by myself. It has increased me confidence in my ability to deal with a whole range of challenges that confront me every day in my professional life, and also show me that there are a range of resources that can be accessed to support me. I feel much more in control of myself and the team that I work with and have greater appreciation of how important relationship and behaviour are in shaping our workplaces.

K.L. – Leadership

I trust Melinda and am confident about the confidentiality which is always in my mind in my job. Melinda is non-judgmental and pulls me up to revisit things I might want to gloss over! I always knew you cannot do this job by yourself – the coaching helps me to work through things so I can use these skills in a different situation at another time. Coaching has helped me to think about what I do and how I do it.

M.C. –  Secondary School Principal

Team Coaching

Coaching sessions with Melinda were terrific- Targeted, informative, confidence building and inspiring. They gave me increased openness to my personal learning and development, as well as in a team and whole school context.

Melinda’s questioning skills were wonderful. She had the ability to make me think deeply about things whilst challenging at times. I now try to use a similar approach in getting not only my team, but all colleagues, to question ‘the why’ behind what we do things.

She increased my ability to create a new mindset, one which looked at not only my personal growth, but the growth of others. I learnt to gauge the success of my leadership not simply from my own observations but reflected from fellow leadership team members and the staff.

S.W. – Assistant Principal

The greatest benefit has been team development. I’ve worked in teams a lot, but with this experience I really feel we have not just worked “as a team” to complete the allotted tasks, but we have worked on “becoming a team”. I really value that experience, and I’m currently feeling a sense of loss, knowing that this team has now come to an end. –I’ve learnt what it feels like to really be part of a very effective team. I’ve learnt what real trust feels like in a team. I’ve learnt that frustration is not necessarily a bad thing to feel, but a signifier of something deeper that needs to be recognized, or accepted. Melinda has wonderfully clear communication and an ability to get below the surface responses.

J.H. – Team development

It has been a very positive learning experience. I appreciated the way we were all included and encouraged to be actively contributing members of the group. Melinda’s strength lies in clear communication and an ability to get below the surface response. She assisted us as a group to really gain clarity about our purpose, our direction as a group and about the areas we need to work on.

J.H. – Leadership Project

Our sessions with Melinda challenged us as a team to consider our purpose and our goals as a team, and also individually. We gained knowledge of coaching principles, and were able to work at a practical level on goal setting, leading our staff and initiating change. Melinda has a wealth of knowledge and is able to connect us up with articles; surveys etc to challenge and support us. She made sure that as a team we were all listened to and she modeled the coaching approach during the sessions.

L.G. – Leadership Project

We had a good relationship and rapport with our coach, which assisted the outcomes of the project. I value self reflection and coaching provided an opportunity for all the team members to reflect and reevaluate. I need someone to challenge my thinking to drive me forward.

M. H. – Principal

Our coach has led us through processes that help us to understand our own leadership skills and our ability to work as a team, as well as the issues and steps involved in developing our whole-school project. Her guidance and questions helped me to reflect on my strengths and role, the strengths and needs of the team I work with and the steps required for our project to be implemented and succeed.

K.C. – Team Leadership Project